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3 Best AI Token Performers As OpenAI Mutiny Rages On

3 Best AI Token Performers Amid OpenAI Mutiny

YEREVAN ( — The AI token market dove on Nov. 21, as tech giant OpenAI faced leadership challenges following chief executive Sam Altman’s departure. However, before we discuss what happened at OpenAI, let’s look at the AI tokens that printed green candles despite the scandal.

Best AI Token, 3 Best AI Token Performers As OpenAI Mutiny Rages On
Despite AI token market losses, Trava Finance, AXIS token, and Lithium (LITH) won big. Source:

#1 Trava Finance doubled in price on Nov. 21

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Trava Finance did not care about the AI token market dumpster fire and surged over 96% on Nov. 21, reaching $0.00063, after a 50% drop the day before.

Trava Finance token price doubled on Nov. 21.  Source:
Trava Finance token price doubled on Nov. 21. Source:

On Nov. 20, InvestorsObserver analyzed Trava Finance for investment risk. The platform ended up with a “relatively high-risk investment” badge, with its risk score indicating susceptibility to price manipulation based on recent changes in volume and market cap.

#2 AXIS token takes second place with 26%

AXIS, the native token of LaneAxis Brokerless Direct Freight Network, surged 26% within minutes and reached $0.014 on Nov. 21. However, according to CoinMarketCap, the coin’s trading volumes decreased by 27% parallel to the price advance, which could indicate market manipulation.

AXIS token, second winner of the AI token market, surged 26%. Source:
AXIS token, the second winner of the AI token market, surged 26%. Source:

Judging by the time frame, the surge could have been triggered by only a few market players, explaining both the rally and the decrease in trading volumes.

In detail, the AI token targets the “removal of $200 billion in managed freight brokerage fees in the US (more than $2 trillion globally),” according to the website. It also strives to eliminate nearly 30 billion empty truck miles annually in America alone. 

#3 Lithium (LITH) token price surged 20% but lost altitude

Lithium, the DeFi protocol “building collective intelligence for pricing the unpriced,” saw its token LITH rally over 20% and reach $0.0007 on Nov. 21.

Lithium (LTH) price on Nov . 21. Source:
Lithium (LTH) price on Nov. 21. Source:

Over the last five days, Lithium has earned a Very Bullish rating on the InvestorsObserver Sentiment Score. The Sentiment Score measures the performance of Lithium over the past five days by volume and price movement. However, the asset remains volatile. Thus, traders should do their research before considering an investment.

Now that we’ve established the biggest AI token market winners, it is time to see what happened with OpenAi and why.

#4 Bonus: Open AI 700 employees threaten to quit

OpenAI appointed Emmett Shear, the former boss of Twitch, as its interim CEO. This followed the abrupt ousting of Sam Altman, who moved to Microsoft, a backer of OpenAI. This change in leadership brought uncertainty about the company’s future direction​​, and 700 OpenAI employees, nearly all of the company’s 700 staff, threatened to quit.

They demanded the resignation of the board and the reinstatement of Altman and former President Greg Brockman​​. In a social media post, Altman expressed his continued commitment to ensuring OpenAI’s success. At the same time, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella indicated openness to retaining OpenAI staff or welcoming them to Microsoft​​​​.

Best AI Token, 3 Best AI Token Performers As OpenAI Mutiny Rages On
Greg Brockman tweeted about Sam Altman’s firing. Source:

Emmett Shear, the new interim head of OpenAI, dismissed speculation that Altman was ousted due to disputes over the safety of AI models and vowed to investigate the firing and consider new governance for OpenAI.

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