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4 Things The First God Of War Ragnarök Reviews Told Us

It seems that the combat system in the next iteration of the “God of War” franchise kicks things up a notch. The system was already pretty robust in the previous installments, but now, there are more weapons to choose from, more ways to use them, and more options for each of the two characters. While the focus is on Kratos, Atreus also gets a lot of the same options that let you customize your gameplay and find new ways to defeat the plentiful enemies you meet along the way.

Multiple reviews talk about the way Kratos now uses his weapons. OneMoreGame reports that both of them can now be imbued with frost or flame, altering their signature moves. Whether you choose frost or flame will also alter the way you choose your gear, meaning that players can stray from cookie-cutter builds and add some flair to their gameplay. If you use a certain skill enough times — which, again, is affected by the element that you chose — you’ll be able to upgrade it and make it even more powerful.

New Sigil Arrows take it all one step further by letting Atreus uncover new areas, discover treasures, and solve puzzles on top of enhancing his combat skills. This honestly sounds pretty cool, but some reviewers are split on the matter of Sigil Arrows. For example, The Verge’s Ash Parrish remarks that they’re too complex to use for puzzle-solving tasks. This will likely be one of those features that players either love or hate.

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