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5 Reasons to Play Ninja Must Die this Holiday Season

Pandada Games will be releasing its upcoming mobile game, Ninja Must Die on the 14th of December 2022 for Android and iOS. The game had just ended its second Close Beta test and I did manage to squeeze in some time to give it a try.

Ninja Must Die is a side-scrolling runner game that is simple to pick up but difficult to master. There are many traps, enemies, different levelled platforms, and obstacles in the game that will prevent your character to move forward. Fortunately, the game does provide tutorials on how to overcome each of these new obstacles. Your only task is to remember them.

The fight for survival between the Ninja, Samurai and Oni

The first thing that caught my attention about the game is that the main story was fully voice-overed. The story itself is simple and engaging.

In order to rebuild the homes of the people and restore peace and order from the Oni, two heroes from the Ninja and Samurai clan came together to fend off the Oni. The Samurai became the Supreme Ruler of this new land and became known as the Samurai Daimyo while the Ninja disappeared from the public eye to protect the land from the shadows.

Players will take on the role of Kuro, a young Ninja who is caught in a conspiracy where the Samurai clan decided to plot against the Ninja clan due to their greed for power. On the other hand, the seal that had trapped the Onis for hundreds of years has begun to weaken and they are back for revenge. Join Kuro and his team of Ninja and fight for the peace of the world!

Captivating World

Unlike most runner games where the surroundings and environment are pretty much the same and static, Ninja Must Die features beautiful landscapes that make you feel immersive. The game features an ink-wash painting visual style that makes you feel like you’re running through a big painting drawn with different types of terrain.

The thing that stood out for me was that the game does have different cutscenes in each chapter using the same ink-wash painting visuals. Some of them were given 3D effects that make the game feel more realistic. It reminds me of those indie cartoons that were made by Flash Player many years ago.


Character Growth

There are 4 main characters that were introduced during the test period and each of them has their own unique abilities and traits.

Similar to most mobile RPGs, there are many ways to strengthen your character in Ninja Must Die. In fact, I’m surprised that a simple runner game has so many ways to grow your character.

The Talent and Perks system are ways to increase your character’s stats and Ninjutsu power. When participating in various events, Players will come across Fire Stones and Awakening Stones that are use to upgrade your character’s Talent-tree. Additionally, the extra Ninja fragments that you’ve collected can be use to upgrade your character’s Perks.

Always remember to upgrade your character when possible as it will help you move further in the “Endless” game mode or overcome difficult challenges in future events.

Equipment and Summons

Another way to increase your character’s survivability is to equip them with powerful weapons. Weapons are ranked from Common to Legendary. As rarity increases, the weapons become more powerful with better attack damage, score multiplier, and ability.

The Summon system in the game allows you to summon powerful creatures during the game, to help battle difficult bosses or transport you across a large distance. The summoned creatures are so powerful that it can ramp through any enemies without taking any damage.

For aesthetic fans, there is also a “Skin” system where you can decorate your characters visually to look cooler or equip them with special effects when running.

Multiple Game Modes

Besides the Main Story campaign, there are other game modes that will keep you busy. Players can take part in the Bounty mode to defeat powerful bosses, the Endless mode to see how far you can go, Limited time events, and even 3v3 PvP.

Pre-registration Campaign

Ninja Must Die will launch on the 14th of December and Players can now pre-register for the game to unlock some nifty rewards when the game releases.

Pre-register Here

Android Store
iOS Store

Official Facebook Page

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