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AMD detail more on FSR 3 and their new open source FidelityFX SDK

AMD had plenty to show off at GDC, and they’ve done a bit of a summary and some of it is quite exciting for future games.

FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is open source and they will be sticking to that with the MIT license, with FSR 3 getting some more early details but they said it’s still too early to show a lot of it. As explained in their GPUOpen post they’re introducing “interpolated frames” which has allow them to get a “2x framerate boost”. It’s more complex though with some challenges:

  • We can’t rely on color clamping to correct the color of outdated samples.
  • Non-linear motion interpolation is hard with 2D screen space motion vectors, which is why we recommend at least 60fps input.
  • If the final frames are interpolated, then the UI and all post-processing will also need to interpolated.

However, there is good news!

  • There’s a high probability there will be at least one sample for every interpolated pixel.
  • There’s no feedback loop as the interpolated frame will only be shown once – any interpolation artifact would only remain for one frame.

With FSR 3 you’re going to get better framerates at the cost of latency. However, they said they will be including “latency reduction techniques to FSR 3”. AMD also said it should be easier to integrate FSR 3 if developers already support FSR 2.

Additionally they’ve announced the FidelityFX SDK, also open source, which combines together their multiple effects libraries giving developers an easier way to integrate it. As previously their stuff has all been spread-out, causing problems for developers with “inconsistencies in coding and documentation standards, limited platform/API support” and so this SDK is their attempt to to “do better”.

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