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Angels of the Zariman Revealed

Digital Extremes, developer of Warframe, has just dropped a huge new content update. Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman is almost here, bringing with it a new storyline and quests to complete. The content centers around Zariman Ten Zero an old threat to the Tenno, but there’s so much more. You will have to venture deep into the Void to figure out what’s happening, and how to stop it.

The name of the expansion refers to the Zariman, a once peaceful sentient ship that was lost to the Void eons ago. It has mysteriously returned, but not in order to help. Coming with the sentient spaceship is a host of terrible threats and mysterious motivations. While not as robust or game-changing as the New War, there’s still a lot here.

Check out the trailer below. The update is out now for PC and consoles. You won’t have to wait to see it land on Switch or other consoles. It’s great that DE have put such effort into getting feature parity established. Anyway, back to the expansion.

The Angels of the Zariman expansion will include a hub for players to interact with, setting the story in an entirely new setting. Tenno will venture deep into the Void, looking to reclaim lost technology and their old home, whatever that means.

The hub features new NPCs and missions to do, offering a glimpse into a storyline we haven’t seen before. Zariman Ten Zero has returned, bringing with them new enemies and tons of threatening and ambiguous plans. The Tenno have to help put a stop to it.

A new NPC faction, the Holdfast Syndicate leads this effort, and you’re going to help them. During your missions for this faction, you will even uncover a new Warframe, Gyre. There are supporter packs out now, and you can buy Gyre directly. If you want to go through the grind, the Relics will be updated to drop the new blueprints you’re going to need.

This new hub even has improved customization options for players to decorate, adding a new layer to players’ abilities to make the world their own. You can read more about this, and the rest of the expansion, on the official page.

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