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Black Desert PC opens the door to an alternate world with Abyss One: The Magnus

A door has opened in Black Desert, and only the bravest and boldest will step through. Or anyone who accidentally trips and stumbles in its direction, we suppose. It’s not a picky door, is what we’re saying, and it will take anyone who goes through it to an “alternate realm” that exists alongside of the game’s main world.

Abyss One: The Magnus released today with a brand-new storyline, exclusive gear, fast travel between Magnus cities, and an Abyssal Legacy skill that combines two lesser abilities into a greater one. Pearl Abyss also activated this year’s Halloween events and allowed all players to access their inventory no matter where they are in the game.

“The Magnus is a realm separate from the Black Desert world without the limitations of time and space. Players in The Magnus can travel to Abysses, where they will encounter storylines that explore the anomalies of this new world. Adventurers must overcome unique challenges with their wits, creativity, and Magnus-exclusive gear to complete missions,” the studio said.

Meanwhile in Black Desert Mobile, an update arrived this past week which allows players to adopt a baby fairy and raise it to adulthood.


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