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Call Of Duty’s Original Warzone Returns As Promised Following Sequel’s Launch

Activision has stuck to its word and relaunched the original Warzone. However, those of you hoping to step back into Call of Duty’s original BR game should lower your expectations. The relaunch was always going to be pretty stripped back, and what remains of the OG Warzone is very different from what was left behind in preparation for the launch of its sequel.

As reported by VGC, the relaunched Warzone is now called Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera. As the tweaked name implies, there is now only one map to play, Caldera, as the Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island maps have been removed, probably forever. There are also only two modes to choose from, solos and quads, and no rotation of limited time modes as is the case in Warzone 2.0.


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There’s also nothing to buy as Warzone Caldera doesn’t have an in-game store, but on the bright side, COD Points can be transferred between all games, including Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. The same doesn’t appear to apply to progression or XP as a list provided by Activision details the games to which Caldera cross-progression applies, and the two newest titles are not included.

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Activision shut Warzone down earlier this month in preparation for Warzone 2, making it clear that after the launch, and allowing for developers to have a Thanksgiving break, a stripped-back version of the original game would return. The primary goal of shutting down the original version of the game was to force as many people as possible to play the sequel at launch. A tactic that clearly worked as 25 million people had played Warzone 2 within five days of its arrival.

Now the original Warzone is back, albeit in a lesser form, it will be interesting to see if loyal players return and the sequel’s numbers dip. Considering how little support the original will get compared to Warzone 2, there probably won’t be many people returning to Caldera. Call of Duty creators Activision Blizzard also continue to face a number of lawsuits following the results of an investigation into an alleged toxic work culture behind the scenes at the studio.

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