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Company of Heroes 3’s first major update is already available

Company of Heroes 3 refreshes the franchise with a new style of campaign and two scenarios that have never been explored before. Italy and North Africa campaigns are two events that offer significantly different experiences, but they are interesting enough to maintain you occupied for a while if you want to take a break from multiplayer battles. Company of Heroes 3 was released recently, and even though the game delivers a good gameplay experience there are some bugs that may disrupt it if you are unlucky enough to find one. Fortunately, Relic Entertainment has launched the first major update for the game which fixes a majority of these and the Challenges system.

Operation Sapphire Jackal brings cosmetics for everyone

The first big update for Company of Heroes 3 includes a plethora of minor fixes and gameplay changes that improve the experience in the game. Relic Entertainment acknowledged that there is still work to do: 

“Though this update does not include what we consider a “full” balance pass, we have made several changes to help shake up multiplayer and co-op. We’ll be keeping an eye on your feedback and matches and will roll out further balance adjustments in a timely fashion.”

The biggest addition to the Operation Sapphire Jackal update is the Challenges system. It adds daily and weekly in-game objectives that you can complete to earn Merit, a new form of currency that you can use to unlock cosmetics for your favorite units. These will be available in the in-game shop, and they will be purchasable with two types of currency: Merits and War Bonds. You will need to buy the War Bonds with real money since it’s a premium currency.



With this update, you have more reasons than ever to play Company of Heroes 3 regularly. If you are yet to discover one of the best RTS experiences set in World War II, you can use our comparator to get your Company of Heroes 3 Steam code at the best price.

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