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DayZ Update 1.45 Patch Notes For PS4 Bring Yet More Bug Fixes

Bohemia Interactive has unwrapped the full list of DayZ update 1.45 patch notes for you to digest, which much like the previous update, comes with a wealth of bug fixes for the console version of the popular title.

Check out the latest DayZ PS4 patch notes below for more details.

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  • Fixed an exploit to glitch the character through walls
  • Ladders in tight spaces might have had issues with climbing
  • Infected were not properly de-spawning from convoys on Livonia
  • Throwing items could lead to a character glitch
  • It was possible to glitch the character when exiting a ladder while running out of stamina
  • The glowplug was visible and accessible through the closed hood of the M1025
  • The trigger of the SSG 82 did not move when triggered (
  • The inventory scrolling would reset to the top at every re-opening (
  • Inventory button helpers were overlapping with the stamina and status indicators
  • If the inventory focus was on an item in a container in the hands slot, it would not properly reset on re-opening
  • Disconnecting the controller while playing with MnK enabled would result in a warning message
  • Fixed a collision at a ladder in large tenement buildings that could result in players falling off
  • Changing ADS while holding breath could result in desynchronization
  • Fixed a server crash related to item placement



  • Fixed: Placement objects could not properly be stacked with disableIsCollidingCheck enabled
  • Fixed: Custom spawning of the water reservoir would result in problematic rotation of the water surface
  • Changed: PSN ID and Xbox Gamertags are no longer treated as case sensitive in whitelists/banlists etc

[Source – DayZ Patch Notes via Bohemia Interactive]

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