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DDG Has Twitter SHOOK After Showing Off His ‘Real Voice’

A video of DDG speaking in his “real voice” has begun circulating, and the internet doesn’t know how to act!

DDG Switches It Up During Podcast Appearance

The clip in question is from DDG’s appearance on the Dope as Usual podcast, which occurred back in October.

During the interview, host Dope as Yola brought up speculation he had heard regarding DDG’s “real voice.”

“We had like 200 people say, ‘Ask [DDG] about his real voice.’ What does that mean? Is that an inside joke?”

In response, DDG confirmed that the speculation is true, and he then put his “real voice” on display.

He proceeded to use a voice much deeper than the one he uses when in the public eye, and the host was clearly shocked by this revelation. In turn, the “9 Lives” rapper began using his higher voice to offer an explanation.

“I just talk like this when I’m tryna make music and make content and s**t.”

DDG then switched back to a deeper vocal tone to drive his point home.

“But I really talk like this in real life. You can ask anybody. This is how I really talk.”

The clip ends with him explaining that the change is all part of his persona, as he pointed out, “You gotta make a character.”

Twitter Reacts To DDG’s Deep “Real Voice”

Once the clip began to gain serious traction on social media, people swiftly began sharing their thoughts.

Like the aforementioned podcast hosts, Twitter users were stunned by DDG’s revelation.

As he’s dating Halle Bailey, people humorously joked that they now understand what she sees in the rapper.

In spite of DDG’s relationship with Halle, though, others expressed their attraction to the rapper’s “real voice.”

Aside from these comments, it was also memes galore.

Some users even brought Dennis Haysbert, an actor who has appeared in a number of Allstate commercials, into the madness.

Other comparisons were made, too.

DDG Shared His Deeper Voice Is Due To “Ruptured Vocal Cords”

At this point, we have to point out that DDG previously explained why he’s able to switch between vocal tones so effortlessly.

Back in 2017, he uploaded a video and explained that he swallowed a penny as a very young child, which “ruptured [his] vocal cords.”

He went on to refute claims that his deeper voice is “edited” and shared that he simply doesn’t like to put his “real voice” on display.

What do you think about DDG’s “real voice”?

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