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Dodge ’em up as the Swordship slices onto Xbox

Some twenty-four hours on from release on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, the super slick Swordship starts to slice and dice on Xbox. 

Available today as an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S title, Swordship from Thunderful and Digital Kingdom is a new dodge ’em up that flips the usual arcade shooting ideas to instead see you utilise the attacks of your enemies to your advantage. 

The aim is to weave your way through the madness that is on offer, as you dodge their fire and trick your foes into taking themselves out. Experimentation is going to be key in Swordship, especially when you discover that there are a number of Swordship variants in play, each with its own unique power. In fact, Thunderful and Digital Kingdom want you to play with Swordship how you see fit, understanding your own playstyle as you go. 

Score boosters, upgrades, extra ships, dangerous levels and a ton of challenge await those who drop into the stylish Swordship, dropping players into an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world as humanity looks to find refuge in multiple underwater cities. It’s here where precious containers come to the fore – and you try to get your grubby mitts on them. 

The key game features include:

  • Guns are cool but dodging is your best weapon: The Swordship’s manoeuvrability allows you to outwit the enemy by tactically positioning and dodging enemy fire
  • Ship Abilities: Collect power-boosting components and experiment with different play styles in your runs Risk/Reward Upgrades: Choose between risking it all by banking stolen containers for massive score boosts or, play it safe for passive upgrades and extra ships that will fit your play style
  • Weather: Learn to master the different weather conditions to get through the randomly generated levels

“Swordship’s procedurally generated levels require the player to bet on their skills,” said Game Designer Sandro Dall’Aglio. “Give it a few runs until it clicks and you will discover an exhilarating and challenging title unlike anything else out there. I can’t wait for everyone to try it on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.”

Swordship is on the Xbox Store, fully optimised for Series X|S but also playable on Xbox One. You’ll also find it on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam, verified for Steam Deck. Expect to be paying £16.99 or so. 

Our full review of Swordship on Xbox is fast incoming. 

Game Description:

Swordship is a futuristic lightning-fast dodge’em up which flips the script on the traditional arcade shooter. Turn both the tide of battle and enemies on themselves by dodging, weaving and diving your way through an onslaught of enemies hell-bent on tearing your Swordship apart. This addictive action-roguelike pushes you to make split-second decisions that will either bring you glorious victory against tyranny, injustice, and become a symbol of hope to The Banished, or see your unsung heroics sink to the bottom of the sea. With an adrenaline fuelled soon-to-be a modern classic soundtrack this game will transport you to a grim watery future.

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