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Dragon Quest Treasures Pre-Order Bonus Content Revealed

Dragon Quest Treasures is an upcoming treasure-hunting RPG developed and published by Square Enix. This is another spin-off game set in the Dragon Quest universe and features yet another core activity, which is treasure hunting. It is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch at the moment, and more details are now available. Here is the Dragon Quest Treasures Pre-Order Bonus Content you’ll get for an early purchase.

Dragon Quest Treasures Pre-Order Bonus Content

If you pre-order Dragon Quest Treasures, you’ll get the following additional content.

  • Chimaera Wing (x5)
  • Better Buddy Bullet (x15)
  • Fullheal Pellet (x15)
Dragon Quest Treasures Pre-Order Bonus Content

These items are pretty useful and should come in handy for players in their earlier quests. The Chimaera Wing lets you zoom back to the base without dropping any treasures that the player is currently carrying. Better Buddy Bullet increases the likelihood of a monster wanting to join your gang, and the Fullheal Pellet restores the HP of a single ally.

Even though most of these pre-order bonuses are cosmetic in nature, you’re actually getting a few useful items in this one. It’s very likely that you’ll be able to get these in-game, though, but starting with these can potentially make your opening hours a bit easier.

Digital Deluxe Edition

There’s a digital deluxe edition as well, which includes three monster allies and additional consumables as well. The digital deluxe edition costs $5 more than the standard edition and is priced at $65.

Pre-Order Dragon Quest Treasures

You can pre-order the game for the Nintendo Switch from the links below.

Dragon Quest Treasures Release Date

Dragon Quest Treasures is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.

It’s possible that after the Switch exclusive period, the game will make its way to PC and PlayStation consoles as well. This will likely happen after six months or a year.

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What do you think of the Dragon Quest Treasures Pre-Order Bonus content? Do you think it warrants an early purchase? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know.

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