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Google Suite To Bring Google Play Games To Your PC Enters Beta – Guide Fall

As technology gets more and more advanced, developers are aiming more and more toward a mobile platform. Google is a company at the forefront of this transition, with another step being the announcement and addition of Google Play Games to its suite. Through this, people will be able to play Google Play games on their Windows computers. Considering that not everyone can afford the most advanced phone, this will provide an option to those who want to try out HD mobile games on a more powerful platform.

Google Suite Supports Google Play Games On PC

Google has always worked to make its software more accessible through PC and mobile devices. It’s clear that an evolving trend in technology is making it more portable and mobile. Naturally, that’s where the new Google Play Game comes in, currently in beta. This new service will essentially translate Google Play’s whole library to PC for processing and control.

Google Play remains one of the top online platforms to support and access apps and games. However, it’s still limited largely to Android and ChromeOS devices. With that said, due to the accessibility and affordability of developing for mobile, developers are creating impressive games that draw out the most from available hardware. With a Windows app, mobile game enthusiasts could play these games reliably from their PCs.

Along with the App Store, Google Play is one of the top competing mobile app services. It offers a huge range of games from casual to active, pixelated to full 3D. Unfortunately, there are games across all mobile genres that can be very very demanding and draining on the average phone. After all, not everyone has the luxury to get a new phone every year or two. Those types will always be literally and figuratively lagging behind when it comes to playing these types of games. Software like Bluestacks offered effective emulation to play them on PC, but it’s not ideal. That’s almost certainly why Google is adding its suite into the mix. It’s currently available in beta, and you can find more details on how to get in at the official website.

Both gaming and technology in general are becoming more mobile and compact as time goes on so companies are adjusting to respond. Google’s Google Play Games beta lets people try out the expansive and growing world of mobile gaming with the comfort and power of their computers.

Will Quick is a freelance media wizard living in Spain. When he’s not gaming or writing, he’s doodling comics or whatever else pops in his head.

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