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How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 0x887a0005

Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 0x887a0005 is a PC-exclusive error that causes the game to crash. It occurs very frequently for some players when picking a loadout or in the map loading screen. Sometimes the game refuses to get past the Activision splash screen and kicks players out with the 0x887a0005 error code. There are a few solutions that have worked for players and you should try out these fixes for Modern Warfare 2 Error Code 0x887a0005 as well. 

Warfare 2 Error Code 0x887a0005: How to Fix

Before we try any of the advanced fixes, the first thing you should do is repair the game files to see if it helps.

Solution 1: Repair Game Files

On PC, you can try repairing the game files if you keep getting Modern Warfare 2’s Error Code 0x887a0005.

  1. Open Steam or, depending on which launcher, your game is located in.

  2. Find Modern Warfare 2 in your Library

  3. On Steam: Right Click on Modern Warfare 2 > Click on Properties > head to Local Files > Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files
    On Launcher: Find the Gear icon next to the play button when clicking on Call of Duty and click on it. Click on the Scan and Repair option.

  4. The game files will now be automatically verified and any corrupt files will be removed.

Solution 2: Turn off NVIDIA Ansel

There is no official way to disable NVIDIA Ansel, which seems to be the most common culprit for this error code. Until NVIDIA or Call of Duty pushes out an update that prevents the issue from occurring, players will continue to experience Error Code 0x887a0005 in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

  1. Go to: c:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_d223212c0a2275b5\NvCamera\

  2. Delete the NvCamera Folder

  3. Search “cmd” in the Windows search bar

  4. Run Command Prompt as Administrator 

  5. Type “NvCameraEnable.exe off” and hit Enter

  6. Exit Command Prompt 

The issue should now be resolved. If you are still facing issues consider reaching out to .

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