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How To Use Cinematic Mode To Turn PS VR2 Into A PS5 Display

Starting up PS VR2’s cinematic mode is a very simple process (if only all how-to guides were this easy):

1. Make sure the PS VR2 headset is connected to the PS5 via a USB-C cord.

2. Turn the PlayStation 5 console on.

3. Turn the PS VR2 headset on.

4. Open a non-VR game or media app. Cinematic mode will turn on automatically.

Seriously, that’s it. Once those steps are completed, your PS VR2 headset will serve as a PS5 display. And if you need to tweak any settings, that’s surprisingly easy as well. From the PS5 home screen, select Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Cinematic Mode. You can also quickly access a number of cinematic mode settings straight from the headset’s control center, just by pressing your controller’s PS button.

Cinematic mode settings you can adjust including screen brightness, headset vibration, visibility, play area size, see-through view, and eye tracking. One useful setting is Screen Size, which allows you to shrink or expand your virtual screen to the perfect size. Finally, you can reset the position of the virtual screen at any time by pressing and holding the options button on your controller.

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