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Jun Kazama makes a spectacular return in Tekken 8

The King of the Iron Fist Tournament has always been the main scenario for the fights in Tekken 8. But when it comes to the story, the main plot deeply focuses on certain characters, especially Kazuya Mishima. The latest Tekken 8 presentation brings back another character whose role is pivotal for the story, Jun Kazama, who is Kayuya’s former lover and Jin Kazama’s mother. Her only appearance in the series takes us back to Tekken 2, and she’s been missed for quite a long time. She is finally returning in Tekken 8 with the intention of cleansing the evil that has corrupted Kazuya’s heart, and giving him a good beating for trying to kill her son too.


A pure soul with a gift for fighting

Beyond the possible implications for the story in Tekken 8, which are yet to be determined, the return of Jun Kazama adds another fighter to the increasing number of fighters available in the game. She and Nina Williams are the only female fighters on the list so far, and we don’t know if Bandai Namco will surprise us with more. In any case, Jun wields the power of light and boasts impressive fighting skills, which is enough to make fast work of Kazuya in her presentation video. With a stylish attire, amazing looks, and a wide array of kicks and punches, Jun Kazama will be a real novelty for newer generations that didn’t get to put her capabilities to the test in the past.

It’s clear that Tekken 8 will be a turning point in the story of the franchise. The new gameplay systems along with the return of such a relevant character are just enough reasons for the fans to be excited about the game. Hopefully, Bandai Namco will come up with a release date anytime soon. Meanwhile, we will enjoy more footage of the game to be released at EVO, even though the game won’t be part of the competition. As usual, the best prices to buy Tekken 8 cheap are already available on our comparator. 

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