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Knightcore Kingdom, a brand new strategy RPG, opens pre-registration

Marscat Games have announced that pre-registrations for their upcoming strategy game Knightcore Kingdom have opened up. This odd little genre-clashing anime-styled title seeks to change up the strategy landscape, introducing tower defense elements into something adjacent to a 4x strategy game all in one.

To elaborate a bit, within Knightcore, you’ll have your own holdings within territories that you will capture, which you can then upgrade and produce resources within, all of which will make your faction more efficient at combat and economy as well. This is a fairly typical staple of the genre, seen within games like Clash of Clans or Boom Beach.

Where Knightcore Kingdom differentiates itself is within its combat. See, when you take spaces on the map for your faction, you’ll encounter a tower-defense-style battle. Though I’d sooner call it tower-offence, as you’ll be spawning in your hero units, each with their own unique abilities, and they’ll follow a hex-based path to do damage to enemy structures and reach the end of the map, where you’ll then win.

There is a defence type too, which will occur when defending territory. This is a bit more traditional, but at the end of the day, the whole general loop of combat reminds me a lot of something like Arknights, and is a very interesting formula to mix with that CoC style of base-building mechanics.

Combine all of this with some pretty endearing 3D anime character designs along with an overarching massive map that you’ll slowly take control of and even a social system that will encourage the creation of clans, and there’s a lot going on here. All of those moving parts do combine into what looks like quite a fun little strategy game though, so this is absolutely one to keep an eye on.

If you’d like to get ahead of the curve, you can currently pre-register at either of the links below this article!

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