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Level Infinite announces SYNCED open beta with new trailer

SYNCED, an upcoming rogue-looter shooter from Biped developer NExT Studios, has just released a new trailer that breaks down the core gameplay and setting. SYNCED will launch its open beta on December 10th, 2022. It will be available on PC, with no current release windows for console ports. You can watch the full trailer on publisher Level Infinite’s YouTube channel here:

SYNCED is set in a technological apocalypse, where nanotechnology has attacked humanity and even turned the dead into machine-controlled zombies. There will be both PvE and PvP matches, and each character will play a specific role with unique abilities.

Today’s trailer doesn’t make it immediately clear what kind of perks and skills will be available for each “Runner” role, and the weapons look pretty standardized. But the inclusivity of the characters, inspired from “around the world”, is much appreciated and will go a long way for building a fanbase.

The art design for the environments and enemies looks fine, if not terribly innovative. There’s a flavor of Left 4 Dead in this trailer, but the technological emphasis does open the door to more possibilities than a traditional virus.

Technological attacks and behavior could amount to nearly anything. Ideally, there will be more variety than the typical selection of tanks, speedsters, and enemies that latch on to you.

In fact, the Steam product page adds a lot of key selling points that are sorely missing in today’s trailer. Players will have the ability to synchronize with defeated “Nanos”, which is possibly the signature mechanic of the game, and the latest trailer failed to feature it. But it is a clever addition to the shooter genre.

The squad-based approach will make SYNCED fairly accessible, and it’s expected to support cross-platform gameplay. This has enormous potential, but the open beta will reveal much more.

You can read more about SYNCED and other upcoming shooters by checking out the rest of our news section!

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