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Marvel Snap releases Kitty Pryde card, introducing a strong new pick for aggro decks

The massively successful casual-friendly card game Marvel Snap has released its latest update, which brings in a brand new card for players to build into their decks. Kitty Pryde brings an aggressive-friendly ability to your deck, and seeks to overwhelm your opponent with smaller cost cards as you cover the board in smaller cards to beat out whatever they might be playing.

Marvel Snap has blown up in a big way since launching a handful of months ago, and this is mostly thanks to the gameplay format that is easy to understand and doesn’t require months of knowledge and understanding to perform well within. Instead, it seeks to bring a semi-casual friendly way of playing as opposed to the more daunting mobile card games out there like Hearthstone or Shadowverse.

Instead of your traditional card game format, Marvel Snap plays out using Locations, random spots on the board that you have to control over your opponent. These Locations have effects on them that will apply to the characters played there. Combine that with each card’s ability, use those together well, and you’ll do good for yourself within Marvel Snap’s rules.

As for this new card, Kitty Pryde is a simple and straight-to-the-point card. She’s a 1-cost 0-power card, but her ability is that she can be returned to your hand to gain +2 power. This stacks, of course, so if you play her in tandem with cards that return cards to your hand rapidly, she can get quite massive early on.

Throw Kitty Pryde into a deck focused on low-cost cards and lots of hand bouncing, and she’ll perform super well. If you love Zoo decks, this card will be right at home within your list.

If you want to try out Kitty Pryde yourself, you can download Marvel Snap for free at either of the links below and get started!

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