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Midwinter Vampires RPG Campaign Up On Kickstarter

December 05, 2022 by Polar_Bear

Vampires can’t go out in the sunlight. Everyone knows that. So, when the days get short, the vampires have more time to stalk their prey. That’s where you find yourself in Midwinter Vampires, an RPG campaign that can be played in several different ways up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Midwinter Vampires is a game that can be played in three different ways. You get to choose if you will follow the storyline of the Whispering Night, Bone Brothers, or Youngblood vampire sects. For every encounter in the game, additional information will influence the storyline the players are following. Will the players be a Youngblood looking to clear their records? Will the Bone Brothers convince the players that they need to eradicate all vampires to create a pure breed? Or will the players align with the Whispering Night and restore the macabre balance between the vampires and the townspeople of Barsea?

But, I hear you say, won’t the vampires attack the PCs? Good question! The game also comes with a complete Vampire Class that players can use to create their characters. The class will have a complete breakdown of how to be a vampire for levels 1-20.

In the game, the players can explore through a castle at the top of Barsea Heights, find out what is hidden in the Bone Cathedral, and search through the town to find find the secrets that are being kept hidden.

Good luck…. and remember: be the hero in your adventure.

The campaign’s far above its funding goal (being fair, they weren’t asking for much) with 25 days left to go.


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