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Neon White Spotted on PlayStation Store

It appears that Neon White could finally be coming to PlayStation consoles as the New Zealand page for the title has appeared on the web. Perhaps a possible announcement will take place at The Game Awards in the future?

Is Neon White finally coming to Xbox and PlayStation?

The title was released earlier this year but was exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and PC. We had no idea if the game would ever come on the PlayStation or the Xbox, but it seems that a listing on the New Zealand PlayStation Store has revealed it.

Currently, the title can only be added to your wishlist on the store, which is a status similar to Silent Hill 2 Remake on the Store currently. It

Neon White on PlayStation Store

We had the privilege of reviewing Neon White when it was released earlier this year, and we can easily say that it was one of the more satisfying gaming experiences we have had in a while if you are in the genre of perfecting speedruns of levels with the clever use of weapons, slaying enemies and more along the way. It is truly a game you shouldn’t be missing out on.

While the Xbox Version has yet to surface from our run-of-the-mill sources, there is still hope of those versions surfacing or being added to the Microsoft Store closer to the Game Awards.

Neon White on PlayStation and Xbox Release Date

As of right now, we can’t definitively talk about a release date for Neon White on either console. We can hope we get one announced at The Game Awards, which will either be on the day of the event, or it releases shortly after it.

Neon White is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, and PC and if you are looking to try one of the most fun gaming experiences in a while, you should consider trying the game out.

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