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New Items, Events, and Winter Holiday Content

The Pokemon UNITE Patch update has been revealed and it introduces players to new content and a game mode. A few changes to ranked matches have been implemented, allowing players to switch between a 5-man or 3-man party manually. A new Battle Pass has also been added to the game with a new set of rewards for players to acquire. The Remoat Stadium map has also been changed to a winter-themed map to fit the Christmas season. A few balance changes for some Pokemon were also implemented in the patch update which may shake up the meta.

New Held Items

Two new held items have been added to the game.

Rapid Fire Scarf

Drain Crown

New Battle Pass

A new set of winter-themed Battle Pass rewards have been released for players to acquire.

Winter-Themed Remoat Stadium

The Remoat Stadium gets a major makeover, transforming it into a winter wonderland. Players will get a chance to challenge the legendary Articuno in the middle of the map and test their skills. 

Snowball Battle

The iconic winter-themed game mode returns for another run. Players can once again play the Snow Battle game mode featuring the Shivre City map.

Boost Emblem Update

A total of 50 new medals have been added to Pokemon UNITE. Additionally, boost emblems will now be fitted based on the chosen colors thanks to improvements made to auto-loadout.

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