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OnePlus’ new Jupiter Rock phone is here, and it has a heavenly body

OnePlus has announced its mysterious Jupiter-themed OnePlus 11 variant, and it turns out that the teaser image the brand shared a few days ago was a little more literal than we’d initially assumed. The new phone is dubbed the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock edition, and it takes its design cues from the eponymous celestial body. 

As for the material used, it’s not exactly marble, as some had theorized. Rather, OnePlus says it’s a new material that it’s developed called ‘3D microcrystalline rock’. OnePlus has experimented with various materials in the past, including wood grain and sandstone, and this looks like a return to form for a company that’s been seen as playing it too safe with recent releases.  

Disappointingly, though, the phone has only been launched in China with an expected expansion to India, and it seems unlikely that it’ll be released in Western markets any time soon.

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