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Pedro Eustache’s Epic Flute Playing Was Everyone’s Favourite Part Of The Game Awards

Everyone’s favourite part of The Game Awards last night was Pedro Eustache, whose epic flute skills and clear enthusiasm during the Game of the Year orchestra have earned him the nickname “Flute Guy”.

This year’s Game Awards was a pretty memorable show, from big reveals like Death Stranding 2 and Armoured Core 6, to significantly stranger moments like the infamous stage invader who ruined FromSoft’s big game of the year win by saying that he wanted to nominate his reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton.

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Although a lot of the night’s attention has since gone towards that stage invader, since identified as Matan Even, let’s not forget about the true MVP of The Game Awards – Pedro Eustache. One of the highlights of any Game Awards ceremony is the Game of the Year orchestra that takes place before revealing who won the award. Hearing an orchestrated collection of each game’s main theme is always a treat, but this year was even more special thanks to Pedro Eustache.


At several times during the performance, the camera zoomed in and focused on Eustache, who could be seen absolutely going for it on the flute. Although Eustache was first spotted putting his heart and soul into the flute during the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 portion of the performance, he gave it 110 percent the whole time, no matter what the game was. After the performance ended, Eustache could be seen giving a hearty yell of celebration, which basically sums up how we all felt watching him.

Social media was flooded with positive reactions to Eustache after he was seen performing at The Game Awards, with some calling him “the real MVP of The Game Awards”. Others pointed out how fast he managed to swap flutes in between performances, with one notable tweet comparing it to how Dante switches styles in Devil May Cry.

Although Eustache was a relative unknown to most people watching The Game Awards, there were a few people who recognised him as the legendary flute player that he is. As it turns out, Eustache is a Venezuelan-born flautist, who also makes his own instruments and has more than seven years of experience in symphonies. He’s worked on a number of big movies, including Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and The Passion of the Christ, to name a few.

Twitter users were quick to rally together to make sure that Eustache wasn’t forgotten for his epic flute playing after the moment was stolen just a few minutes later by the Elden Ring stage invader. One tweet from Twitter user Scambl that quickly went viral said, “do NOT let flute player guy be overshadowed by the bill clinton kid!”, getting close to 69,000 likes at the time of writing.

Eustache’s enthusiasm and energy for the orchestra has quickly made him one of the standout moments in the history of The Game Awards, so let’s just hope that they bring him back around for next year’s performance.

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