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Privateer Press Posts Updated Steamroller Document

December 01, 2022 by Polar_Bear

Steamroller has been Privateer Press’ organized play tourney setting for quite a long time. And since Warmachine and Hordes are going through major updates, it only makes sense that the tourney guidelines go through an update as well. And that’s what we have here. You can download the new version now.

From the article:

Steamroller is Privateer’s long-running competitive event format for WARMACHINE. 

Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring the possibility of a significant update to the Steamroller format, including new scenarios and a revised scoring system. But after careful consideration of the insightful feedback we received from our playtesting teams as well as a growing cognizance that introducing a drastic reworking of a community-institutionalized competitive format on top of a brand-new edition could prove too much too soon, we’ve concluded that in the introductory year of MKIV, maintaining a familiar standard will better support a more stable Organized Play environment. And so, we have decided to move forward with only a minor update to the existing SR2021 document, changing only what is necessary to bring it in line with the mechanical changes to MKIV and the implementation of the WARMACHINE app support.

While we still look forward to exploring a multitude of new ways to experience WARMACHINE on the tabletop, taking a light-touch approach to next year’s Steamroller update will allow us to prioritize our development efforts on the continued updates of Legacy model rules as well as future model content, namely the forthcoming warlock-led armies. In the meantime, we will take the opportunity to present novel and experimental game formats and scenarios through the WARMACHINE app while we work on leagues and narrative events over the next year. 

We hope that in a year of considerable change, maintaining the tried-and-true Steamroller format will provide some welcome reassurance to players looking forward to diving into the new tournament scene next year.


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