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PUBG: Battlegrounds announces four December Drop Events

PUBG: Battlegrounds announces four separate December Drop Events, each containing unique missions for you to participate in and rewards for you to earn. Missions range from breaking windows, using first aid kits, looting a specific quantity of items, and consistently logging in. The rewards include items such as Contraband Coupons, BP, holiday-themed items, and more.

Details on the four Drop Events were obtained from a PUBG: Battlegrounds post, and we’ve included everything you need to know below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

PUBG: Battlegrounds December Drop Events

Drop Event 1: Crafting Collection

During this event, you’ll collect materials and craft your own end-of-year gifts at the Workshop and Hideout. You must complete the following daily missions to collect and exchange points for rewards!

The event schedule varies depending on your platform:

  • PC
    • PST: December 5, 11 PM ~ December 18, 11 PM
    • CET: December 6, 8 AM ~ December 19, 8 AM 
    • KST: December 6, 4 PM ~ December 19, 4 PM
  • Console
    • PST: November 14, 11 PM ~ December 27, 11 PM
    • CET: November 15, 8 AM ~ December 28, 8 AM 
    • KST: November 15, 4 PM ~ December 28, 4 PM

The event missions include:

  • Break four windows in total (30 points)
  • Use 1 First Aid Kit (30 points)
  • Survive 30 minutes in total (40 points)
  • Survival time includes the time spent spectating your teammates. (Duo/Squad)

The event rewards include the following: 

  • Contraband Coupon x10 (2 times)
  • Credit x100
  • Polymer x100

Drop Event 2: Welcome Gifts 

In this event, welcome gifts have been prepared for new and returning players by accessing the game. 

The event mission requires players to log in consecutively every day during the event period to receive all rewards. Bonus rewards for consecutive logins are also prepared, so don’t miss out!

The event schedule is the same for all platforms but varies depending on your time zone.

  • PC & Console
    • PST: December 7, 11 PM – December 17, 11 PM
    • CET: December 8, 8 AM – December 18, 8 AM
    • KST: December 8, 4 PM – December 18, 4 PM

The daily log-in event rewards include the following:

  • Day 1: Survivor-in-Training Hoodie
  • Day 2: Tadpal Jacket
  • Day 4: Red Suede Prep Set
  • Day 5: 5,000 BP
  • Day 6: Hunter’s Chest x2
  • Day 7: Crazed Maw – Helmet (Level 1)

The consecutive login rewards include the following

  • Log in for two consecutive days: PUBG 5th Panniversary – Pan
  • Log in for three consecutive days: 300 G-Coin (7 days)

Drop Event 3: End of the Year Gifts

During this event, complete daily missions and take home a festive hat!

The event schedule is the same for all platforms but varies depending on your time zone.

  • PC & Console
    • PST: December 22, 11 PM – December 24, 11 PM
    • CET: December 23, 8 AM – December 25, 8 AM
    • KST: December 23, 4 PM – December 25, 4 PM

The event missions include the following: 

  • Loot 70 items in total
  • Survive for 30 minutes in total
  • Survival time consists of the time spent spectating your teammates. (Duo/Squad)

The rewards for the third Drop Event include the following:

  • Contraband Coupon x10
  • Festive Flurry Hat

Drop Event 4: New Years Contraband Fest

In this event, celebrate the new year with the Contraband Fest. For this event, you’ll need to log in daily to earn your New Year’s goodies at the hideout.

The event schedule is the same for all platforms but varies depending on your time zone. 

  • PC & Console
    • PST: December 31, 2022, 11 PM – January 13, 2023, 11 PM
    • CET: January 1 2023, 8 AM – January 14, 8 AM
    • KST: January 1, 2023, 4 PM – January 14, 4 PM

The daily login rewards for this event include the following: 

  • Day 1: Contraband Coupon x1
  • Day 2: Contraband Coupon x2
  • Day 3: Contraband Coupon x3
  • Day 4: Contraband Coupon x4
  • Day 5: Contraband Coupon x5
  • Day 6: Contraband Coupon x5
  • Day 7: Contraband Coupon x10

The consecutive login rewards include the following:

  • Day 5: Contraband Coupon x5
  • Day 7: Contraband Coupon x5

Bonus December Drops: Twitch Partner Drops

You can earn exclusive Partner Drops in December through Partners’ live streams. During this event, you can earn a Festive Flurry Sweater by watching at least 30 minutes of a Partner’s live stream.

The Drops Period includes:

  • PC & Console
    • PST: December 5, 2022, Once the live server opens – January 17, 2023, 7 AM
    • CET: December 6, 2022, Once the live server opens – January 17, 2023, 4 PM
    • KST: December 6, 2022, Once live server opens – January 18, 2023, 0 AM

Twitch Partner Drop Important Notes

  • Drops are only available through our PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Partners.
  • Rewards are obtainable within the Drops period only.
  • To receive rewards, you must have a KRAFTON ID and link it to your gaming platform AND Twitch/each region’s streaming platform.
  • Partners will have the tag “Drops Enabled” or “Drops” on their streams.
  • Due to their different streaming platforms, viewers from Korea, China, and Thailand will receive redeem codes instead of Drops.
  • Rewards can be acquired after the Live Server Update on Console platforms.

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