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Railgrade will release its first update in December

Railgrade, the railway management sim from Minakata Dynamics and Epic Games, has just announced that its very first update will roll out on December 13th, 2022. Aside from improving the general quality of life, there will also be four new regions. Railgrade is available now on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

The train simulation sub-genre is more popular and satisfying than you might believe, and Railgrade has definitely found a successful way to elaborate on typical management mechanics. Players need to be strategic, while also managing their resources.

But there’s a lot more content involved that genuinely understands what makes trains and their functions so appealing. Customization, cinematic view mode, and photo mode allow players to take a minute from the gameplay rush and enjoy these compelling vehicles.

Railgrade only launched about two months ago, so it’s great to see the first update arrive so soon. With double the expected region additions, hopefully the update will be a smooth patch.

According to the official blog posted today, three of the regions will simply be challenge-based and optional. But the fourth region is the highlight, since it’s considered “giant”, and will boast its own post-endgame storyline for those who have already mastered and completed the game.

Continuing the story so quickly also hints at the potential for even more expansion. After all, the devs note that this is only the “first” update, but the devs may need to pace themselves if they want this game to have legs.

The dev blog also emphasizes modifiers for a while, which will definitely make the game more accessible for players who aren’t sure they’re ready to invest in this niche genre. Allowing players to toy around with their own ideas is always a surefire way to build a larger fanbase.

You can read more about Railgrade and other simulation games by following our news section!

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