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Remake – Brief New Gameplay Trailer Showcases Updated Visuals

Yesterday, Forever Entertainment and MegaPixel Studio announced that Front Mission 1st: Remake would launch on November 30th for Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders kick off on November 16th via the Nintendo eShop, but in the meantime, a short new gameplay trailer is available. Check it out below.

Many familiar mechanics, like grid-based movement and targeting individual parts, remain. However, the visuals have seen a huge overhaul – instead of sprites and backgrounds, there are now fully 3D models and environments. The soundtrack has also been fully re-orchestrated, though the original is still available to select.

Front Mission 1st: Remake promises gameplay tweaks and a brand new mode, but these are not showcased in the trailer. Stay tuned for more details and hopefully some extensive gameplay in the coming weeks. As for the future, Front Mission 2: Remake will launch in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, while Front Mission 3: Remake is also in development albeit without a release window.

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