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Resident Evil 4: how to deface Ramon’s portrait

Resident Evil 4 has a couple of requests worth taking on to help you trade for some sweet loot, but “The Disgrace of the Salazar Family” is perhaps the most satisfying. The note to start this quirky sidequest can be found hanging right by the gondola at the beginning of Chapter 12, and it asks you to deface the portrait of Ramon Salazar in the throne room of the castle. It’s an odd request for a survival horror game, but if we’re being frank, the little jerk has it coming. We’ll tell you where to find his portrait and how to deface it.

How to find and deface Ramon’s portrait

Ramon’s portrait is found in the throne room of the castle, which means you’ll need to do a bit of backtracking through some areas you’ve previously visited. You’ll also run into a handful of challenging foes as you pass through the areas leading back to the throne room, so be prepared to put up a fight.

When you finally reach the throne room, you’ll find Ramon’s portrait hanging on the left wall of the room – a much smaller portrait compared to the others found on the back wall. Your first instinct may be to start slashing away at it with your knife or shooting bullets into his smug face, but the way to complete this request is actually a little more fun and juvenile than that.

You’ll notice that there are some chickens wandering around in the throne room. Patiently hang around with them for just a bit to find that they eventually lay eggs. Pick one up, then head into your inventory and equip it. This will place it in Leon’s hand, allowing you to aim and throw it at Ramon’s portrait. Doing so will complete the request, which you can then turn in to the merchant the next time you come across him.

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