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Resident Evil 4 remake: Egg Hunt guide

Among the new additions brought to the Resident Evil 4 remake are Merchant Requests. These are small sidequests you can take on to earn some extra rewards to help you survive the dangers lurking in every shadowy corner. One very early request you can take on is called the Egg Hunt request, which is given to you early in Chapter 4. If you are getting Easter egg-hunting vibes from the title, you’d be on the right track since the goal here is to find a very rare Golden Egg to bring to the Merchant. You probably picked up a few white and brown eggs already, but golden ones are not so common. Here’s how you can complete the Egg Hunt request in Resident Evil 4.

How to complete the Egg Hunt request

You can start this quest is in Chapter 4 once you reach the lake. Before hopping into the boat, you can snag this request note on the wall just beside the boat. The request simply tasks you with selling a Golden Egg to the Merchant, but the hard part is actually getting your hands on said egg.

Thankfully, there are a few set locations in the Resident Evil 4 remake where you are guaranteed to find a Golden Egg. The first one is right after you get the ability to freely explore the lake with your boat (after a certain boss fight, of course). On your boat, head to the east side of the lake and go to the dock. This tiny area is bustling with chickens, but you won’t instantly find any eggs aside from the normal ones and a Velvet Blue one that you should grab as well. Make your way behind some boxes and barrels near the coops and the first rare Golden Egg can be snatched up.

However, if you’ve already progressed further in the game, you know that once you reach the church area, you will be prevented from backtracking to the lake. All is not lost, however, as there is another chance to grab a Golden Egg. Further into the gam,e when you are in the castle section, head to the throne room. If you are doing the Disgrace of the Salazar Family Merchant Request, you will be coming here anyway. If you go to the Square Lock Box in the back corner here, you can crack it open if you have the Cubic Device and grab the second Golden Egg.

Whichever method you get your hands on it through, just make sure to bring it to the next Merchant shop you come across and sell it. Completing the request will earn you 3 Spinels, plus the egg alone is worth 9,000 Pesetas, so it is easily worth your time.

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