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Scam Vendor ‘Inferno Drainer’ Strikes Again, Steals 6 NFTs On OpenSea In A Phishing Attack

Inferno Drainer, a new scam vendor specialising in multi-chain phishing scams, appears relentless in perpetrating attacks against crypto and non-fungible token investors. This time around, the scam vendor has stolen six non-fungible tokens from several NFT collectors on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Inferno Drainer Strikes Again, Drains Six More NFTs

In a June 19 blog post, PeckShield, the popular blockchain security company, confirmed that Infernal Drainer had stolen six non-fungible tokens, including Otherdeed for Otherside #55196 and Moonbirds Oddities #1754, aKIDcalledBEAST #3974, MERGE VV #3978 on OpenSea.

Established in 2018, PeckShield is a blockchain security company that provides products and services to improve the security, privacy, and usability of the entire crypto sector. The blockchain security and data analytics firm is renowned for providing users with real-time scam token detection, phishing website identification and interception.

The subject scam service provider came into the spotlight last month after security enthusiast and pseudonymous Twitter user 0xSaiyanGod, who happened to run across a promoter of it while browsing the Scam Sniffer Telegram channel, unmasked the notorious phishing syndicate.

The Inferno Drainer Unmasked

The Scam Sniffer found that Inferno Drainer was advertising that it provides ready-to-go code to scammers, allowing them to steal crypto in exchange for a 20% cut of the scammer’s crypto “loot.” Infernal Drainer uses Permit2, a phishing scam that relies on a simplified token approval process version.

In May, the crypto sleuth confirmed that Inferno Drainer stole over $5.9 million in assets from nearly 4,888 victims through over 689 phishing websites targeting popular projects. At the time, he found a screenshot on Telegram showcasing a $103,000 drain transaction using a Permit2.

In the meantime, Inferno Drainer is not the first protocol to offer scams as a service in the short history of crypto. Last year, ZachXBT, another popular on-chain crypto sleuth, discovered a similar scam service dubbed “Monkey Drainer.” The drainer disappeared with more than $1 million in NFTs before closing its doors in March.

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