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Shooting N’ Looting with Guns N’ Runs

Guns N’ Runs is an exciting 2D platformer, action and shooter game. Designed for single players, it features over 200 challenges and 23 bosses with colourful pixel art and an original and immersive soundtrack. And it’s available today on Xbox!

Released on PC via steam in March 2021 and PlayStation 4 previous, Guns N’ Runs launches today on Xbox One and Xbox X|S as well as Nintendo Switch.

In Guns N’ Runs you get the choice of who to play with, picking from one of eight members of the ‘Conspiracy Squad’, each with their own narrative. You’ll be taking part in a capture and rescue mission against a technopathic prodigy and his army of robots. The action takes place inside a bunker in the middle of the Atacama desert where mechanised dangers aim to put a stop to your assignment. 

The controls in Guns N’ Runs are straightforward, allowing you to jump, shoot, move, and use special weapons with ease. However, don’t think about your next move for too long, as in each new level you’ll be racing against time to complete it, hence the rather quick and frantic action. As you progress through each level the difficulty ramps up, meaning that you’ll need to frequently improve your skills if you are to progress to the end and complete your mission.

In-game, you’ll get to battle against multiple enemies using your many weapons and collect powe-rups to unlock special features. Using your mid-air dash system will allow you to fling yourself through environments and destroy enemies with a strengthened dash. 

Take a look at the fast-paced action in the trailer.

Key features:

  • Choose your character from the 8 members of the Conspiracy Squad.
  • More than 200 challenges to overcome.
  • 23 bosses, each more difficult than the last.
  • Easy to understand controls that require mastery.
  • A variety of weapons for both attack and defense.

Guns N’ Runs can be bought and downloaded from the Nintendo eShop for Switch, the Steam page for PC or the Xbox Store for £9.99. Our full review is coming very soon. 

Game Description:

Guns N’ Runs is a stylish action-platform and shooter game, containing super specials and Dash mechanics at a fast-pace. Unlock hundreds of meticulous challenges and battle bosses. All of this with an immersive soundtrack and an individual narrative for each of the 8 characters! In Guns N’ Runs, you take control of 8 skillful members of the Conspiracy Squad, in a stylish platform game, action and shooter, totally drawn by hand in pixel art, where time is the primordial factor at the battle against a prodigy technopath and his army of robots. Help our protagonists in the invasion of a bunker in the middle of the Atacama desert, in a capture and rescue mission full of challenges and dangers. Made for one player, with over 200 challenges, 23 bosses and focused on the individual narrative of each of the squad members. The controls are simple and accessible – you can jump, shoot, dash and use the special – but make no mistake! The game possesses layers of difficulty that require a greater depth of skills to advance to the next levels. In this game, you will learn a new lesson with each death. Use a variety of weapons, protect yourself with a shield, recover your dash to utilize it in sequence, destroy some enemies with a strengthened dash (if you found) and enjoy every second of the game with an original soundtrack that will leave you excited with each new stage. So, prepare yourself to die several times and overcome your limits!

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