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Speedgunner Ultra is a new platforming shoot ’em up on Xbox

They may not be the first name that springs to mind when you consider a prolific Xbox publisher, but ChiliDog Interactive continue to fill our Xbox libraries, pretty much on a weekly basis. The latest to arrive from that ChiliDog stable is Speedgunner Ultra, a game that attempts to combine platforming elements with the world of the shoot ’em up. 

Available to purchase, download and play right now, no matter whether you’re on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, Speedgunner Ultra mixes those two gaming genres together; two genres that we’re not sure ever needed mixing. 

But bring them together we must as ChiliDog (they recently behind the likes of Lord of the Click III, Babol the Walking Box and Dead Station) and their developmental friends at ELIXOR try something a little different. 

That’s what brings us to Speedgunner Ultra, but it’s not just that weird fusion of genres that makes this exicting. Nope, you see, an asking price of just £4.19 makes this highly interesting, as does the fact that with the press of a single button you’ll find yourself switching forms, on the fly. Speedgunner Ultra has us running through its worlds as either an armed cyborg, or a reactive jet. 

Utilising the various forms is key to success here, and only by doing so will you be able to overcome what Speedgunner Ultra has to offer up. 

If what Speedgunner Ultra is looking to achieve is of interest to you, you’ll find the download you need over at the Xbox Store. Stick around for a full review from us soon. 

Game Description:

Speedgunner Ultra mixes two different genres in a very impressive way — platforming and shoot-em-up. By pressing just one button you can switch between two variations: armed cyborg with ability to fire rockets and reactive jet with ability to dash and accelerate. Use your forms and abilities wisely to overcome the challenges and crush your enemies. When you play Speedgunner Ultra, only you decide on how to surpass in-game records. So, friend, show us what you’ve got!

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