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Street Fighter 6 Beta Deleted After Hackers Made It Playable Forever

Capcom has deleted the Street Fighter 6 .exe file from its Steam beta branch after hackers figured out a way of making it playable offline. The patch released earlier this morning got rid of the executable file, making the game impossible to run.

Street Fighter 6 held its first closed beta test from October 6 to October 10 where we learned a lot about the game’s online functionality. That’s because the beta test, which was held on Steam, limited players to using the game’s online mods, including ranked matches, open tournaments, and accessing the battle hub. The beta test ended after October 10, but Capcom left the Street Fighter 6 files available for those testers to come back for the next test sometime in the future.

However, as reported by Games Radar, hackers modded the game on October 14 to allow Street Fighter 6 testers to play offline, including offline versus and training modes. This only worked for testers because the game files needed to be present, but once installed, the mod essentially let those beta testers play outside the confines of the game’s testing periods.

That’s definitely against the terms of the beta test, and since it also lets those testers play without ever needing to pay for the game, it’s also flirting with piracy. The mod started making the rounds on social media yesterday and must have caught the attention of Capcom, who responded by simply deleting the Street Fighter 6 .exe file. That’s one of the game’s more essential files, so even with the mod, the game won’t run.

Besides figuring out how to play offline, Street Fighter 6 players discovered Juri’s painted toenails, which might have also awakened something in more than a few of them.

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