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Super Geisha Neon is an old-school puzzle platformer – now on Xbox

We’re well used to retro affairs hitting our consoles and seeing the ‘old-school’ tag never springs a surprise. But that’s not to say we’re bored of them already and with the release of Super Geisha Neon, the interest levels rise. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Super Geisha Neon from ChiliDog Interactive and HugePixel is a pretty cheap new addition to the puzzle platforming arena. It’s a game that focuses a tale on a young girl who has been trapped by the most evil of shoguns. From there, escape is the only option. 

Working her way out of a prison cell, our heroine will need to navigate past traps, work through labyrinths and stay as safe as possible. Thankfully a little sidekick – a chatty mouse – will help guide. 

But it’s probably the retro stylings that are going to be of most interest to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players here, with neon glows, pixel arted visuals and chiptune music all promised. Throw in some interactive puzzles that will need you to draw on the old grey matter, and there should well be enough in Super Geisha Neon to warrant a purchase – particularly as it runs a mere £4.19 asking price. 

Head to the Xbox Store if you fancy checking this one out. 

Game Description:

Kind-hearted girl was trapped by the evil shogun. He wants to forcefully marry her, but that’s not gonna happen — our brave geisha will surely find the way to escape her prison cell and past all the deadly traps and labyrinths of the mighty evil-doer. Luckily she has a tiny sidekick by her side — a talkative mouse who will guide her through these deadly halls. Super Geisha Neon combines the platforming experience with arcade puzzles just like they did in the 80’s. Trust us, it’s old school all the way. Players will need to time their jumps, coordinate their actions and use their wits to solve some interactive puzzles. These goodies are packed with comfy pixel art that is basically infused with 8-bit nostalgia. Do you remember the times of epic retro games and chiptune music? You’ll find them in our newest title as well!

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