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The latest Last of Us PC patch ‘improves memory, performance, and more’

Naughty Dog has released a new update for the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1.

According to the studio, the latest update for the game includes fixes that “improve memory, performance, and more”.

The full patch notes, plus a list of known issues currently being investigated, have been republished below.

Following the game’s delayed release on Tuesday, Naughty Dog was met with a backlash from players complaining about performance issues and crashes.

The game’s first update, which was released on Wednesday, primarily focused on stability and performance improvements, alongside other smaller ones.

The PC port was handled by Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy, which also teamed up to bring Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection to PC last year.

Version patch notes for PC

  • Decreased PSO cache size to reduce memory requirements and minimize Out of Memory crashes
  • Added additional diagnostics for developer tracking purposes
  • Increased animation streaming memory to improve performance during gameplay and cinematics
  • Fix for crash on first boot

Known issues being investigated

  • Loading shaders takes longer than expected
  • Performance and stability is degraded while shaders are loading in the background
  • Older graphics drivers leads to instability and/or graphical problems
  • Game may be unable to boot despite meeting the minimum system requirements
  • A potential memory leak
  • Mouse and camera jitter for some players, depending on hardware and display settings

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann recently explained the process the studio went through when deciding which game to develop next, although he wasn’t willing to divulge if it’s making The Last of Us Part 3 or something else.

“I know the fans really want Last of Us Part 3,” he told Kinda Funny. “I hear about it all of the time and all I can say is that look, we’re already into our next project, so the decision has already been made. I can’t say what it is, but that’s the process we went through, that there was a lot of consideration of different things, and we picked the thing we were most excited for.”

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