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The Official Nikki Movie Trailer Has Been Released

If you’ve never heard of the Nikki franchise, you’re about to now. The official Nikki movie trailer was recently released, and it’s pretty good. If you’re already a fan of the Nikki franchise, you’ve probably already seen it.

We’ll pop the trailer down below for those of you who haven’t watched it yet.

Nikki Movie Trailer: What’s It About?

The Nikki movie trailer immediately opens up with a gorgeous animated sequence, with the rainy atmosphere captured perfectly. The animation style already looks charming, reminiscent of the graphics we saw in the Infinity Nikki trailer.

A fun scene follows, with Nikki floating amongst colourful balloons in a bus, before they suddenly turn into glowing butterflies. The bus then starts to dissolve as Nikki falls downwards, gripping her umbrella. She descends through pastel clouds and skies filled with twinkling stars and wildlife.

Golden steps appear underneath her feet, and she bravely steps down each one amidst the black abyss that surrounds her. Nikki picks up a bright yellow flower, as the world around her begins to fill in. She’s suddenly surrounded by verdant plants and a stone path.

The trailer ends with a more grown-up version of Nikki appearing on the screen as she picks up the discarded umbrella. We then see a short message, “Let’s start the journey”.

The Latest Game

With Infinity Nikki being recently announced, the Nikki franchise is about to be extremely busy over the course of the next few months. Infinity Nikki will see the game series taking a completely different route this time. Instead of focusing on the dress-up aspects, it seems to be a more open-world magical fantasy adventure – we can’t wait.

What is the Nikki Franchise?

While the Nikki franchise first started with Hello Nikki, the series quickly rose in popularity when Love Nikki released. Love Nikki is a captivating dress-up game that is aimed towards all ages. With a dedicated fanbase since 2016, it’s no surprise that there’s now a movie.

Shining Nikki was the next installment in the franchise – which is essentially a 3D version of Love Nikki. Obviously they had some quality of life changes within the game, and added a more up-to-date gameplay style, but it’s basically a sequel.

For more information about the movie itself, check out the official Twitter page.

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