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The Star Named EOS Announced By Behind The Frame Developers

Taiwanese Developer Silver Lining Studio, which has received critical acclaim for the Ghibli-inspired “Behind the Frame”, is planning to release a new interactive puzzle game named “The Star Named EOS” (Tentative title). The release date is listed on Steam as coming soon.

The Star Named EOS is a new puzzle game where photography is the main theme. As a young photographer, you will get to explore new hand-drawn panorama scenes and discover the truths hidden in everyday photos and travel souvenirs filled with memories. It has a different yet similar focus to Behind the Frame, where the main narrative was about an artist’s studio and past life, but the story will be told in the same non-straightforward way, through the silent pauses and the interconnected subtle gestures in a way that transcends the sense.


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Silver Lining Studio is a sub-brand of the game company “Akatsuki Taiwan Inc.” The developer’s first original title, “Behind the Frame,” a narrative puzzle-solving game released in 2021 for PC and Mobile has received overwhelming praise from users and maintained a notable high 96% rating on Steam. On the App store, the puzzle game ranks No.1 in Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, and has been featured in 86 countries. In addition, the game has won and been nominated for numerous awards such as the Apple Design Awards and Independent Games Festival Awards 2022, North America’s largest indie game award.

Studio Ghibli, the animation studio that served as the inspiration for the developer’s past work is a highly popular studio in Japan, and has produced more than 20 films that usually rank number one at the box office in Japan. The studio is known for its mostly hand-drawn art using rich water and acrylic colors, and the reluctance to use 3D techniques and other advanced technologies used in the filmmaking scene. Most Ghibli characters also have an inquisitiveness to lose themselves in the exploration and appreciation of the world around them, much like the themes of Silver Lining Studio’s works.

The ambient and graceful music is also another strong aspect of their works, and interested players can check out the full soundtrack album of Behind the scenes on Spotify, composed by Golden Sound Award-winning producer Yuchain Wang & Sung Yueh Chou.

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