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Toko Token Price Prediction – Will TKO Provide Higher Returns?

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Toko Token (TKO) has witnessed a price surge lately. The token is slowly recovering from the bearish grip of the market. In just 24 hours, TKO has gained 33.47% in its price. Also, trading volume is up by 4310.17%, according to CoinMarketCap.

Although it is ranked 374 in the cryptocurrency market, its recent upsurge has stoked interest in the token.

Toko Token will likely sustain its rally for the coming weeks if investors keep faith in it. Here is a detailed price prediction and more facts about TKO.

Toko Token Price Prediction

Resistance And Support

TKO|USD Daily Chart Source:

TKO is enjoying great form at the moment. It has utilized support levels of $0.1715 and $0.3258 to rise on the chart.

The resistance level of $0.5920 will prove decisive to the price movement of TKO. If it breaks through the first resistance level, it will gain momentum and rise to $1.20 on the chart.

The long week on the green candles indicates the bearish pressure in the market. The bulls were able to rally- leading to a price increase.

Toko Token Price Prediction Using Technical Indicators

Toko Token Price Prediction - Will TKO Provide Higher Returns?
TKO|USD Daily Chart | Source:

Toko Token is on a bullish run currently. The candle formation favours the bulls and will possibly reclaim the previous highs.

TKO is already trading above the 50-day and 200-day SMA. The price trend has changed to an uptrend on the charts. Expect a possible golden cross formation in the coming days.

The RSI reading is in the overbought region at 80.18. Investors are taking long positions as the bullish momentum continues. The MACD is above its signal line and is showing a buy signal. Expect TKO to mint more gains.

TKO will likely exceed the $0.5920 resistance level in the coming days. Expect the price to rise to $1 in the short term if the bulls sustain the current momentum.

What Is Tokocrypto?

Tokocrypto is an advanced network of crypto products targeted at -satisfying the crypto needs of an Indonesian user base.

It was launched in September 2018 and has expanded to accommodate over 30,000 weekly traders generating a daily trading volume of $25 million.

The Tokocrypto ecosystem achieves this trading success by offering users quality features. These features include DeFi products like yield farming and cashback.

Newcomers are easily integrated into the platform. Tokocrypto is the first platform registered under Indonesia’s Trade and Futures Exchange Ministry. Its pioneer status gives it an edge in the crypto market, especially in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s numerical strength of 270 million; is an emerging market for exponential economic gains. They are currently classified under middle-income status.

TKO will serve as the connection between Indonesians and the world in financial terms. Other Global Investors can also benefit from the exposure Tokocrypto brings to Indonesia. Pang Xue Kai is the Founder and CEO of Tokoncrypto.

What Is Toko Token (TKO), And What’s It For?

The Toko token is the native token of the Tokocrypto system. In the past three years, Tokocrypto has built a network for its Indonesian users.

Toko Exchange is the main product where investors access a trading platform to trade crypto and use DeFi services. Users can access the NFT marketplace TokoMall and a platform for physical meetings, – T-HUB. TokoCare is the social welfare initiative platform of the Tokocrypto network.

The TKO token powers the Tokocrypto world. Users access airdrops, exclusive merchandise, and discounts on trading fees. TKO also serves as the currency used for purchase in the TokoMall.

According to the Tokocrypto website, TKO will dominate the centralized finance (CeFi) and DeFi space shortly. Tokocrypto also provides users with a mobile app promoting their user-friendly platform.

Crypto Projects To Skyrocket Soon

While TKO enjoys a bullish run, these crypto presales can help you mint more gains on your investment.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

It is a platform that provides users with real-time analytics using artificial intelligence. It is a decentralized trading platform where users can analyze their trading strategies and improve on previous performance.

Traders can carry out automatic transactions with the support of the artificial intelligence available. Trading signals are one of the features and can alert investors on potential buy and sell opportunities in the market.

Strategy builders and social trading platforms are also available for a well-rounded trader experience.

The D2T token pays for access to the platform’s services and participation in community events and competitions. Stage 3 presale is almost complete (94%) and has realized above $8.2 million.

After the presale, D2T will list on BitMart and LBank exchanges.

Calvaria (RIA)

This an innovative game. Its rich features provide gamers with free access to the platform. Unlike traditional pay-to-earn games, Calvaria equips users with NFTs once they sign up.

With such innovation, the platform hopes to fast-track the growth and acceptance of Web3 gaming. Calvaria provides non-crypto users access to all in-game features and has a reward system based on trade cards and NFTs.

The RIA token (ERC-20) will power all transactions in the Calvaria ecosystem and is the governance token. Investors are fully backing the calvaria initiative, with the presale recording outstanding success and stage 5 nearly 72% sold out.

30.77 RIA tokens are currently worth 1 USDT, with the price set to increase in the next stage of the presale. The project has already realized $2.2 million, closing in on the total project funding of $3,075,000.

RobotEra (TARO)

It is a gaming platform; that gives users free access to virtual reality gaming. Users can build their planets in the Metaverse.

Each player is assigned a core RobotEra NFT and plays as a robot. Robots can team up to rebuild planets – increasing the land value in the Metaverse.

Players with a flair for in-game building and maintenance will find this captivating. Players can also earn money actively and passively by engaging in group activities like planting holy trees, concerts, mining, and staking.

LBank Labs provides the project with financial and advisory support to ensure success

Its native token TARO can be acquired – with USDT or ETH. 1 TARO is worth o.020 USDT. The first presale is coming to an end and has realized more than $348,000


This project is optimizing the world of carbon credits by adding them to the chain. A carbon credit can be traded by users as NFTs on the blockchain at any time.

LBank and Changelly Pro- two centralized exchanges are lined up to list IMPT after its DEX launch. The presale has raised $14.5 million and is concluding. The price of IMPT tokens will increase at each presale stage.


Tokocrypto has created excitement in the crypto community with its bullish run. The momentum might sustain in the coming weeks.

However, TKO can sustain the price increase by a wider adoption.

Investors can diversify their portfolios with pre-sale tokens like D2T, RIA, TARO, and IMPT. These tokens have already increased in value at each stage of the presale.

The presale stages are ending soon. Investors can take advantage of this opportunity.


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