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Twitter’s fake Verified accounts are exposed by this free Chrome tool

If you hadn’t already noticed, Twitter is kinda on fire right now – and not in a good way. Despite claims from new owner Elon Musk that the $8/month verification model would reduce the amount of spam on the platform, that seems far from the case, with several users proving it’s easier than ever to impersonate a brand or individual. Thankfully, some third-party developers have arrived to help fix Twitter’s problems, and you can put their tool to use right away.

The TL;DR for one of Twitter’s many problems right now is that there are two types of Verification, but it’s not instantly clear which type an account has. There’s classic Verification, where Twitter actually verified who you say you are, and a new kind for Twitter Blue subscribers (which costs $8 (around £7 / AU$12) per month) that gives you a near identical checkmark with no actual checks (it’s basically a pointless sticker now). 

The only way to tell which type an account has is to go to their profile and click on the checkmark next to their name. This is more hassle than many people are willing to go through and we’ve already seen tweets go viral from fake accounts for Nintendo of America, Former US President George W. Bush, and basketball star LeBron James, among others; with many people believing that these fakers were the real deal. Who could have predicted this would happen? Well, everyone except Elon Musk it seems.

Eight-Dollars will help you identify Actually Verified accounts and those that Paid for Verification. (Image credit: Wseagar / Eight-Dollars)

This is where the new browser extension Eight-Dollars (opens in new tab) comes in. The free tool – created by developers Wseager, Waltzaround, and Noway – can alter Twitter’s appearance on your computer’s browser and will reveal if people are actually verified or if they just paid for it.

People that were Verified the traditional way have a classic-looking checkmark and the words “Actually Verified” by their username. Meanwhile, people who are only Verified because of their Twitter Blue subscription have a dollar sign instead of a check and the words “Paid for Verification” by their name. People that have Blue and original verification (like steamer and events organizer Ludwig Ahrgren (opens in new tab)) are assigned Actually Verified status at the time of writing.

Ludwig Ahgren has paid for Twitter Verification but, because he had it the proper way too, is classified as an Actually Verified account

His real check mark was reinstated folks, and Ludwig Ahgren has Actually Verified status  (Image credit: Future)

Best of all, this extension shows you which type of verification a person has on every tweet they post – you don’t need to click on anything – so you can instantly determine if an account is real or potentially a faker.

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