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Two Point Studios appears to tease Space Sim game

Two Point Studios, the team behind Two Point Hospital and Two Point Campus, seems to have teased their plans to create a space station game for their next title. Fans can only speculate for now, but the hints are strong after a new tweet today.

Maintaining their biting sense of humor, Two Point Studios’ latest tweet prods Elon Musk’s ongoing controversies, but also celebrates Red Planet Day with a screenshot of a space station. The station boasts their signature art design, which has a distinct charm:

The tweet also declares that Two Point Studios may have actual plans for a game about planet colonization. At this time, nothing concrete has been announced. But the screenshot shows off a lot of effort if it was truly a simple tie-in for a quiet celebration of Mars.

Two Point Hospital and Two Point Campus are both highly regarded indie sim games, where players must organize and manage highly unusual versions of familiar settings. We gave Two Point Campus a strong review, too.

Both installments have great sense of humor, which gets away with darker moments thanks to a cartoonish presentation. The games are occasionally bizarre in the best possible way, too, as in the characters or tasks. They’re truly among the best sim games available.

Which is why some kind of “Two Point Station” would be an extraordinary sequel, even if it is a giant leap. Currently, other space sim games like Surviving Mars just aren’t as satisfying as they could or should be.

However, the tone of Two Point Studios would be a perfect addition to the genre. The setting would also open up their series to an unprecedented level of freedom. There could be even more fantastical situations, characters, and parodies of the sci-fi genre.

It wouldn’t be as grounded, which is what made the previous games so accessible, and created more contrast for their strangeness. But Two Point Studios has earned plenty of trust to develop something that sparkles with personality.

You can read more about Two Point Campus, Two Point Studios, and other simulation games by following our news section!

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