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Virizion gets a rugged new Paradox form in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leak

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks are running rampant, and so many new Pokémon and forms have been revealed that the entire generation 9 Pokédex is almost completely known now. A few outliers have yet to be revealed, but that is changing by the day. Virizion is known to have a Paradox form coming in DLC and is exclusive to Pokémon Violet, but it has stayed hidden…until now.

A recent leak on the PokéLeaks reddit shows off a sketch of Virizion’s Paradox form, and it is a far cry from the slim and friendly form players know and love. This form looks angry and is covered in spikes. It is also extremely bulky, likely taking inspiration from Terrakion and Cobalion.

Paradox Virizion sports the head crest and eyes of Terrakion and the legs and rear section of Cobalion. Another triad legendary to get this treatment is Suicune, exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet. Its sketch similarly takes appearances from Raikou and Entei, the other dogs in the trio. Datamining has labeled these two Pokémon as last in the Paldea Pokédex, and it is believed that they will be added in future DLC and not at launch.

This sketch has yet to be clarified on Centro Leaks, but a small image of Paradox Virizion’s head has been floating around for days, and it is exactly as pictured in this full image. This is likely as authentic as the Suicune image.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is shaking up the franchise in ways the community did not anticipate. New forms are only the beginning, as they have even took a hammer to the competitive scene to change long-established meta norms. Players will have a lot to explore with their new starter when the game launches on November 18.

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