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Xwayland Video Bridge created to improve Linux screen sharing

With the move between X11 and Wayland still ongoing, and likely won’t finish for years, problems keep coming up like screen sharing but XwaylandVideoBridge may help solve this.

This new tool written by Aleix Pol and David Edmundson is designed to allow much easier sharing of screens and windows between X11 and Wayland, which should help to ease the transition from X11 to Wayland. The problem is that currently in the likes of Discord, MS Teams, Slack, Zoom and others that you run through Xwayland, you may end up with a black screen and no windows listed — this should solve it.

Picture credit: David Edmundson

Hopefully in future things like this won’t be needed, as everything moves over to Wayland. Still, it’s good to have tools available for legacy apps that won’t get updated and great for the next few transition years. 

As the developers on it say it should work “on any desktop that supports the Xdg desktop portals and pipewire streaming and have a working system tray”.

Read more in the blog post and see it on GitLab.

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